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Our Story

The Story Behind Caribeville Belize

Upgraded Vacations

Warm in hospitality and refreshing in approach, Grand Caribe, Sunset Caribe, and Bananas on the Beach are a direct reflection of Caribeville's distinctive approach to hospitality. When every detail is considered, the experience is just better. Just as culinary masterpieces emerge from Rain Restaurant and Aqua Seafood and Steakhouse, tantalizing every palate, San Pedro Urgent Care redefines attention, reassuring guests of their well-being. From poolside amenities and golf cart rentals to Beach Basket Grocery and Grande Caribe Realty, Caribeville is dedicated to catering to your every need.

Our Story

In 2008, a vision came to life just two miles north of San Pedro town. A masterstroke of planning by renowned developer SMVNF Investments, Caribeville marked a defining moment in Belize's vacation property landscape. Nestled between the tranquil bay and mesmerizing Caribbean blues, Caribeville developed into a self-sufficient haven. What began with Grand Caribe, expanded to include ever-growing Sunset Caribe, and now also includes a reimagined version of the beloved local classic Banana's on the Beach.

All Within Reach

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Belize is not just a place, it's a feeling — the melodic lilt of Creole banter, the tantalizing scent of street-side fry jacks, the kaleidoscope of Garifuna, Maya, and Mestizo traditions. Here, every sunrise paints a new day of exploration, and every sunset celebrates a lifestyle that values togetherness and the timeless rhythm of island life.

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Caribeville offers a wealth of distinctive services. From indulgent spa treatments, private chef experiences, and grocery delivery to exclusive wedding, meeting, and event planning, we take care of it all. With organized adventures and comprehensive medical attention, Caribeville provides an unforgettable Caribbean escape.

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On-Site Medical Services

Enjoy true peace of mind during your stay at Caribeville thanks to our on-site San Pedro Urgent Care center. If a medical need arises while you’re on vacation, you’ll have an array of services available from general practitioners, specialists, and emergency care to minor surgical procedures, imaging, laboratory, and a well-stocked pharmacy.

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All About Wellness

Your well-being takes center stage even while you’re away. The fitness centers at Grand Caribe and Sunset Caribe are fully stocked with state-of-the-art equipment that will help keep you on track. When it’s time to relax and rejuvenate, unwind with the holistic treatments at Grand Caribe’s full-service Spa.